Help Get Red Hook High Schoolers a 3D Scanner & Laptop!

The Einscan Pro 2X Plus 3D Scanner & Laptop are educational, easy-to-use and super cool for school! But with a $10K price tag, we need YOUR help. 

DONATE VIA PAYAL (select “3D Scanner & Laptop” from the pulldown labeled “Use This For…”):

OR SEND A CHECK payable to the Red Hook Education Foundation to: 
PO Box 2
Red Hook, NY 12571
(write “3D Scanner” on the “For” line)

The Einscan Pro 2X Plus 3D Scanner scans an object, which is rendered as a 3D model in the dedicated laptop, where the model can then be studied, measured, manipulated, redesigned or even 3D-printed!

Let’s give Red Hook High School students hands-on experience with some of the most advanced technology used in the many fields of 3D design, fabrication, and production. The interdisciplinary projects are limitless! 

  • Students in TECH courses would be able to scan real structures & reproduce them.
  • Students in BIO classes would be able to scan & replicate organs after dissection.
  • Students in ART courses would be be able to work with museums to scan sculptures.
  • Students in SOCIAL STUDIES classes could use the scanner on field trips.
  • Students in AUTOMOTIVE classes could replicate car parts.

Help RHEF give our students this professional technology to prepare for the future and spark their imaginations. And now, an anonymous donor has generously offered to match community donations to RHEF’s 3D Scanner Fund at $2500, so helping us raise $2500 automatically gets our kids another $2500 to put toward their hands-on experience with a high-tech 3D Scanner & Laptop! 

Here’s a quick intro to how it works:

DONATE TODAY! Any amount is a BIG help: