RHEF Supports Roboraiders at Tech Championship

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The Red Hook High School Robotics Team (AKA the Roboraiders) has been invited to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in St. Louis from April 26-29.

The Roboraiders will be competing against almost 130 teams from more than 10 countries having proven themselves in just five short years to be worthy of the challenge.

But they have one more challenge to master before they can take advantage of the opportunity they’ve earned through all the hard work of students and teachers alike – they need to raise the money to cover the costs for the trip.

And the Red Hook community is stepping up to help them achieve their target of $15,000:

  • RHEF is providing a grant of $2,800 to support the team.
  • The Board of Education is paying for the team’s $1,000 registration fee for the Championship.


  • Parents, grandparents, friends, local businesses and others are making contributions through the Roboraider’s gofundme page.

RHEF has supported the High School Robotics Club early in its formation. We see it as an example of one of the many programs that makes Red Hook Schools outstanding. We are proud to continue as a leading supporter of the Roboraiders as they take their place at this celebration of excellence.

Join us in wishing the Roboraiders every success at the World Championships – and consider supporting the team with a donation to help them get to the Championships support them if you can.